Day 2 Raw Till 4 (13/9/14)

7.30 am- woke up

1 litre of water

Tidied up, fixed a few household things
Decided it was saturday and I would have a day off from yoga (but I will be diligent during the week-days.)
1 cup liquorish tea

10.30-11.30 am
820g bananas
4 medijool dates
4 passion fruits
1066 calories
12.50pm- 1 litre of water

Green smoothie
26g spinach
90g cos lettuce
290g bananas
2 medijool dates

1 thick slice of Sprouted Ezekiel Essene Bread
1 tbl tahini
Micro herbs
20 g Red kidney Beans


Large Salad (as per day before plus red pepper)
1.5 cups Brown rice
1.5 cups red lentil and chickpea curry with pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini, red pepper.

4 cups of dandelion tea with ginger and .5 cup bon soy milk.

First Day Back to Raw Till 4

6.30 am woke up
6.50 got up

1 litre of water

2 peppermint teas
1 liquorice tea

9am- 40 mins of Vinyasa Yoga

.5 litre of water

10 am
900g Citrus
420 cal
finished 10.20 am

11.20 am Blood reading 4.9!

11.40 am
350g Banana’s
96 g Medijool dates
Vanilla Drops
2 c water
12.50pm- Blood Reading- 8.8! Awesome! 1 Litre of water
20 minute up hill walk

22g Spinach
82g Cos lettuce
80g Dates
326g Bananas
2.5 c water
20 minute undulated bike ride

Peppermint tea at the cafe
250 g Strawberries
224g Kiwi Fruit
214g Bananas
409 cal
20 minute undulated bike ride
5pm- Blood reading 5.2!

Potatoes- 420g
Cos Lettuce-80g
Brazil nut- 1
Lemon juice-1
Pumpkin seeds-5g
Red kidney Beans-20g
594  cal
2532 cal
87.4% carbs
6.5% Lipids
6.1% Protein

Great News!!!

6am- woke up
6.30am got up

1 litre of water
2 cups of Liquorice tea
1 cup Peppermint tea

Organised Zeke
Vacuumed the house
Tidied up

9.30 am- 10 minutes of yoga postures for warm up
– 30 minutes of Vinyasa yoga
I just wanted to show off my yoga mat, because of the pattern in the fabric, and the line down the centre I can always ensure I am doing things straight and in alignment. the gold strips in the centre of the red strips are perfect for my hip width apart.
I bought it in Thailand.
10.20am- 2 oranges

10.40am- 20 minute undulated bike ride

11.20 am- Porridge with one banana, ceylon organic cinnamon, and pear puree.


1.30pm- Lunch
Left over turmeric polenta with a tomato base sauce
Salad, with lemon and tahini

2.30- rode to docs- 10 minutes
Okay- got some awesome news, well for me anyhow, not sure how anyone else is going to feel about it.
I explained everything to my doctor, RT4, the blood sugars, and everything is fine, fine, fine. I explained the guidelines of RT4 to her, and told her what I was eating, and she said- its all great, she loves the sound of Raw till 4. she can’t see a thing wrong with it!!!! No concerns about protein… lol… and yes banana’s and dates she said pack them in- awesome power food. Man I have the best doctor ever!!!!!
I will only need to be of concern with blood sugars if I am above 6 after a fast (first thing in the morning) and above 10 an hour after a big fruit binge, otherwise no problem!!!!! And to just add in some jogging, as cycling isn’t enough cardio 
So the first thing I did was went and bought nearly a kilo of dark grapes and scoffed them while I rode my bicycle home!!!!
I am so doing the happy dance!!!!
I am Raw till 4 starting again tomorrow!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

3.30pm Started eating grapes!!!! yey! maybe 600-700gms
3.45pm- rode home- 10 mins

4.30- Blood-5.8 🙂

So for dinner, I think I will just have the same as I had for lunch again since I have to use up the food 🙂

My Secrete Dough Recipe :) For Chapati’s, Pizza Bases. etc

While I was on RT4 I was look for the answer for some gluten free pizza bases, I had some left over potatoes and I had just been watching Dr Greger’s “40 year old vegan dies of heart attack! New research on omega 3’s and B12” So I became obsessed of how I could more linseed into my diet. 
So of course being a great binder I threw 4 tbls into the potatoes and kept adding besan and buckwheat flours until I got a dough. And then I discovered something amazing!!!! Wow awesome flat bread dough!!!

So that is 1kg potatoes
4 tbls Ground linseed
1 cup besan flour (chickpea flour)
1 cup Buckwheat flour

It will be sticky, but just need with extra flour, it will still be a bit sticky, but it no problem 🙂 Just cook it!


10620196_544908905636552_4221827854865766609_o10471398_544908638969912_915967233159478336_o 10580945_544912592302850_7308783018642477268_oimage < and the chapatis from the other day 🙂 rather than bake just do over a pan. 

The best thing about this recipe is despite how sticky it is you don’t need to use any oil!!! None!!!!! For the chapatis I just dusted the dough with a little flour. 

Feeling Clearer and more grounded

6.30am Woke up
6.50am Got out of bed
Drank water
3 cups of peppermint tea

8.30am- 1 Orange

9.20am- Ten minutes of Vinyasa Postures for warm ups
9.30 am- Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Class (30 mins) (Instructor Jessie Chapman)
With the neighbours cat intensely watching me through the glass door.. ha ha he then wanted to come in for cuddles, he is basically moving in here, except goes home to eat as I don’t have animal products. I have been accused of stealing pets before, however I don’t really want pets, they choose me, I have to keep taking him home and locking him in his own house.

10.06am- Blood reading- 4.9 omg yes!!!
10.20am-Poridge- plus I  am allowing myself to have a banana now that my blood reading is so good, I have added some cinnamon as cinnamon is known to be helpful for blood sugar regulation. Plus I have to do two hours of housework, so I will get enough exercise.

11am-1pm- 2 hours of house cleaning
1 litre of water

1.15- Blood reading- 5.1 this is awesome!!!!
Lunch is some left over Quinoa, black-eyed bean salad, and chapati from yesterday with a greens salad with lemon juice, plus some cucumber and tahini.

2.20pm- Blood reading 7.5
Ok going for a ride.

3.30pm- Blood Reading 5.7!!!
So I can have a little of that date cake I couldn’t have the other night, and might treat myself to a caffeine free chai 🙂

4.30pm – Blood reading back up too 7.0. It was harder to concentrate on study, but I had to overhaul my wardrobe anyhow, sort stuff, reorganise, and throw away 🙂 I am finding it easier to focus on practical or physical tasks when my bloods are high rather than tasks I have to use my brain.

7pm- Bloods- 4.6! So great!

8.30pm- Late dinner 😦 I don’t have the best cooking facilities since I was raw for so long!!! So dinner took so long to cook!!
Anyhow this might not look the best but it was pretty good!!!
Mashed pumpkin
Turmeric Polenta
Garlic mushrooms and asparagus

A little off the Barnard diet plan, however was supposed to have cous-cous and I don’t do much wheat, so didn’t have any, and opted for polenta instead. Also was supposed to have artichoke but I can’t find any that are not jarred with tons of oils.
So I invented my own meal 🙂

Thinking ahead and no waste!

So last nights veggie scraps become a vegetable stock! Since it’s seemingly difficult to find salt reduced vegetable stocks commercially, I have to make it. That way I don’t have to throw away the veggie scraps, just add a few herbs, and some low sodium soy sauce.

Also the bananies dehydrated up great!
Now I can save for summer treats, when I should be able to handle the higher fructose 🙂

9th September 2014

7.45am Woke up.
This morning I allowed myself to lie in bed for 10 minutes, I felt so grateful I could just do this. Once thing I have noticed when in relationships is not many men can do this, its like they are springing out of bed before their eyes are even open properly. 
I could just list there an stare at the ceiling, not thinking, not having to move. I suddenly became aware of a spider across the room descending down its web, it caught my eye and as I spied it remembering my climbing days and how really it didn’t look that much different. It suspected it was being watched and quickly climbed its web back up, and in fact the climbing technique didn’t look that much different either, I just wondered what he was doing with his web/rope. As he/she landed on the ceiling again, I thought about what kind of a world a spider lives in, how his perspective is both upside down and our way up, how he can walk on two opposing surfaces, the ceiling and the floor- pretty amazing I thought. Weeks ago my awareness would not allowed me to see this, my mind was too busy, in fact I don’t even think my eyesight would allow me to see this, I was surprised I could, however despite my eyes not being the best I have hyper vigilance to movement- like a cat I guess.
Drank .5 litre water
8.15am- Blood reading- 5.5 perfect range!
8.30 am- On the diet plan it says I can have a piece of fruit at the end of the day for dessert. But since I prefer to eat fruit in the morning, I am going to have one orange for 1 st breakfast.
9am- Blood reading- 6.4, one orange!!! sigh…
9.15am Its raining this morning and chilli so I am going to a 30 minute dynamic vinyasa yoga class on dvd.
Drank .5 litre of water

Yesterday I began taking my son’s blood readings, he is getting the same as me basically, so while he is with me, he will eat practically the same and I have given him a talk on junk food especially his cheesy nacho corn chip addiction, and how all that fat and salt is not good for him. I only have him week on and week off, I am not exactly sure if his diet when he goes with his fathers family, but his partner is greek and Zeke did tell me they eat a lot of salty, cheesy pastries- which raises some concern for the fat, salt and casein he is getting. There is not much I can do about it, since his father and I only talk through 4.5k Barristers, and me having a concern about such things is only going to cause another heart-wenching drama. The only thing I can do is to educate Zeke and hopefully he makes the changes himself. 

10am- Porridge with stewed apples and date
I forgot to tai anymore Blood readings!!! Think my fingers are too sore… lol… 

Homemade Chapati’s (exact same recipe as my pizza bases only done over a pan. 
Quinoa, Black-eyed bean and orange salad
Spinach hummus
Greens salad with micro-greens, cucumber and oranges slices. 
5pm- Zeke (my son)went down the street with his friends and listened to me about the corn chips, he said he looked everywhere for something else he wanted but he really wanted that salty thing, so he bought a packet of salted, roasted peanuts. I explained that this probably wasn’t the best choice but he got narky with me and said- well he didn’t know what else to get that was going to give him that salty feeling. Anyhow its a start. He said he felt sick afterwards anyhow. 

Thai-style coleslaw 
Indonesian style stir fry noodle. 

Now I don’t exactly stick to the recipes- I try to improve them!! lol
Some things still call for using a little oil on the pans but I avoid this. 
Also the stir fry was meant to have 6 cloves of garlic, but after RT4 I can’t do this, so one is sufficient, additionally I usually half the amount of sugar in most recipes, since I am not a big sweet-tooth except fruit. 

8.30pm- Bloods- 7.3
Will check again at 9pm cos I think I am still on the way up. 

Its the last super moon so I am going to go for a walk up the plateau tonight, and howl at the moon 🙂

What to do with all my banana’s!

Since I had already purchased a box of bananas, and ordered a box of organic dates before I discovered my blood sugars were high, now I have all these ripening bananas, some have a few more days yet (they have taken so long- I bought them Friday week ago) I have decided to dehydrate some of them, and will probably freeze some too. 
The dates will keep, and I didn’t pay much more than a wholesale price, so I can always sell them by a kilo price I guess, if need be, not sure how long they will keep for, but they are so fresh and caramally right at the moment and very tempting, however I think it was when I began upping my date consumption was when the sugar stuff started getting worse. 


To be honest I am really missing RT4 Lifestyle 😦
I really want more fruit, or some fruit!!! I am already starting to feel a bit stodged down. There is some fruit involved in this Reverse Diabetes Diet plan, however I don’t really want to mix fruit with other foods. 
I have always had a slow bowel, going fully raw really helped that, although I was on a high fat fully raw lifestyle. RT4 did keep me regular everyday but I didn’t feel as though I was eliminating enough, considering the amount I was eating, I always expected more. Now I am still regular everyday, but my belly doesn’t feel as flat and this was a highlight last week for me! I Already my hip bones are fading, and I feel like I am putting on weight and undoing all that weight loss from my 8 weeks RT4. 
My blood sugar readings seem to be great sometimes, however it is still peaking up, especially at night time. 
But i know from my experiment with the 4 oranges that fruit is going to spike me. 
I am feeling a bit disappointed that I am experiencing high blood sugar levels and its taken me off the lifestyle that I was really enjoying so much and giving me excellent results. 
It seems as though exercise is harder too, and now I feel like I have to push myself to do more exercise too. 
Ahh sigh, well seems I can’t go back yet 😦


Food September 8, 2014

7.30am woke up

1 litre of water

2 cups peppermint tea

9.30am- 30 minute undulated bike ride

10.30am- Blood 5.5
Porridge with pears and date

11.30- Bloods 4.9

12noon- Sweet potato and black eyed bean soup with a slice of Ezekiel Sprouted Essene Bread, .25 avocado, mixed sprouts. 
1 pm- Bloods 6.3 (felling fuzzy and can’t concentrate on studies)
1.15pm 30 minute brisk undulated walk

3.15pm Smoothie
1 banana
3 large cos leaves
.5 cup young Broccoli leaves
.5 cup Spinach

3.30pm- Bloods 6.0
3.44pm- Bloods 5.3

7.20pm- Lebanese Style Lentils and Pasta

8.20pm- Bloods- 7.4

The Reverse Diabetes Diet books says I can have an orange and date cake, but my blood-sugar is too high 😦
Maybe I can have it for a snack tomorrow. 

Food for September 7, 2014

8 am woke up
1 litre of water

3 cups of rose hip tea

10.30am- Blood reading 4.9

11.05 am- Ate 4 oranges 

11.15- Blood reading 8.4
Was a little afraid to eat more in case I put my sugars up.

I was moving furniture, my energy plummeted. 

1.45pm- 1/2 banana
2pm- 1/2 banana in porridge ( cooked from 3/4c oats)

4pm- I had to lie down, I thought my blood sugar had dropped, and I was hypoglycemic, I did a reading and I was 7.6! I was extremely surprised about this because I was sure I felt hypo.

5.30- 1 Piece of Sprouted Ezekiel Essene Bread, with .25 avocado and mixed sprouts.

7pm- Blood Reading 6.8

7.30 Went out for dinner, had rice with vegetable, and bean curd satay.

Didn’t  get to do a reading afterwards, went to bed instead.